Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) Chillin’ in a Bathroom with a Dick in a Box

August 28, 2007 at 9:17 am 2 comments

Larry Craig Dick in a BoxMINNESOTA – Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig was arrested in June for copycatting the famous SNL Dick in a Box video in a Minnesota airport.

A police officer ran into Craig singing the lyrics in a bathroom stall while attempting to convince another male occupant of the bathroom to complete “Step 3.”

Craig denies any wrongdoing and blames lewd instructions that were made readily available on the internet for his actions.

“It was not my fault,” said Craig in an interview after the arrest, “I was tempted by a set of instructions that turned up in a Google search for Dick Cheney.”

Dick in a Box InstructionsThe directions that allegedly led to Craig’s conduct are pictured on the right, however many skeptics are not convinced of the Senator’s story.

“I could maybe buy it if he had done this to a lady, but he was trying to get a man to complete Step 3,” said a local Minnesota resident present at the scene. “If he was so influenced by those instructions, he would have known you make her open the box, not him.”

Current Humor’s local Minnesota correspondent was unable to get a statement from Senator Craig, but we have been invited to go backstage at the CMAs, so we will probably catch him there.


Entry filed under: Sexual Healing.

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